Top 4 Black girls who stunned Africa with their achievements in 2019

2019 was a great year as four black girls in their teenage years and less performed wonders for Africa to see.

1. Cynthia Dankwa

Cynthia Dankwa

Young actress Cynthia Dankwa made Ghana proud at the 2019 Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA 2019) as she emerged as the Best Young/Promising Actor in Africa.

2. DJ Switch

DJ SWitch

12-year-old disc jockey, DJ Switch, was crowned as the ‘Best DJ of the Year’ at the 2019 Ghana DJ Awards. DJ SWitch beat competition from DJ Mic-Smith, DJ Vyrusky, DJ Sly, DJ Aroma and DJ Black.

3. Divina Maloum

Divina Maloum

Divina Maloum, a 14-year-old girl from Cameroun was awarded the highly-coveted International Children’s Peace Prize. It is reported that Maloum was instrumental in promoting peace in the northern part of her country among many other amazing responsibilities.

4. Michelle Nkamankeng

Michelle Nkamankeng

Michelle Nkamankeng who became the youngest author from Africa at the age of 7 now has 7 astonishing books at 11 and owns a foundation that is set to provide free books to less privileged children. According to a report, at age 7, Michelle was classified as one of the 10 youngest authors in the world.

Published by Centre for Young Africans

The Centre for Young Africans (CFYA) is built to help create and grow the average African children and youth to achieve their aspirations for change and sustainable growth.

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