How to Be an Obedient, And Well Behaved Child

Do you hate that look of disappointment in your parents eyes? Or do your parents favour a more obedient, mature sibling and you want to be like them? Time to drop the rebellious attitude and respect your elders!

PART 1: Respect.

1. Understand that your parents are adults and you are a child. This means that they are in charge of you and you should respect them. You can never truly be well-behaved unless you do this.

2. Develop your obedience. When your parents give you an order, obey it at once without questioning it. Even if you don’t feel like doing it, do it cheerfully. It won’t be as bad as you think!

3. Accept that you are a child. You may not like this, but it’s true, you are just a child, even if you are intelligent. The adults know more than you and it’s not because you’re dumb, as you aren’t. It’s just because they have been around longer. So respect your elders; words cannot describe how important this is.

4. Do chores without being asked. If you can see that something needs doing, do it. If you overhear your mother complaining about having to do the dishes, give her a surprise and do them for her.

5. Do not cheek your elders. Don’t answer back, use bad language, talk about adults behind their back, or act bored when they are talking to you.

6. Try to be forgiving. Parents are humans too and can make mistakes. Instead of snapping back at them or patronizing them, be mature and try to understand their situation. Ignore the aspects which you don’t like and instead focus on what you like in them.

7. Be grateful. It is not easy to be parent. As a child, we are not even aware of the hard times they may have gone through while raising us when we were infants and toddlers. Recognize their good qualities and appreciate them for all the good they have done for you.

8. Treat siblings with love and respect if you have them. Treat them as you want them to treat you. If your siblings are younger, help them. When they want to play with you, play with them (unless you are doing chores or homework; then tell them no politely). They look up to you and admire you so set a good example. If your sibling(s) are older, then respect them and look up to them. They might not be your parents or even adults, but they are still your elders.

9. Do something nice for your parents. After all, they’ve been doing so much for you! A simple homemade gift or card works well.

10. Find out what the house rules are and obey them. Go to bed on time and wake up at a good time on the weekends, like 8:00-8:30 a.m and 6:30 a.m on a school day.

11. Get good marks and school reports. Your parents won’t be very proud of you if you get bad marks. B is the lowest grade allowed if you want to be impressive, and even that isn’t nearly as impressive as an A, A- or A+!

PART 2: Grooming.

1. Stop wearing ripped jeans and T-shirts with offensive messages on them. Try wearing colours like pink and baby blue, maybe lavender, or neutral colors.

2. Don’t wear too much jewelry.

3. Don’t wear too much makeup, parents hate that! If you are 5-9 years old, do not wear makeup at all. If you are 10 or 11 years, then try some pretty lip gloss in a cute flavour. When you turn 12 maybe try blush, depending on how strict the parent is. If you are 13, then try mascara too.

4. Style your hair in a cute way. Under 14’s could try pigtails and any age group could try half up and half down. Parents like to see their daughters looking cute.

5. Take a bath. Parents/guardians shouldn’t have to nag you to take a shower/bath. Do it anyway, but ask permission first. If they say no, don’t argue.

6. Use deodorant and perfume within reason. Save up to buy these yourself, though.

PART 3: Manners.

1. Remember your manners. If your parents are talking but you have a question, don’t interrupt. Instead, wait until they are done. Say please and thank you, and remember to say excuse me if you burp. If someone asks you to pass something, do it immediately. And make sure to hold the door for people.

2. Don’t talk at dinner time unless asked a question.

Photo courtesy: Parents Magazine Africa

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