Homeschool Advice

Some tips for teaching your kids at home:

1. Keep in touch with teachers. Ask the teacher if you have to strictly follow the curriculum given, or if you have the freedom to adjust the schedule.

Teachers can also give you tips on how to effectively facilitate your kids’ learning. They can also get you in touch with other parents.

2. Plan the day with your child. Even if you’re following a lesson plan, it’s good to brainstorm with your child about their day ahead.

Give them options. Ask them what they feel about doing tasks in certain ways. Give them time to adjust to the schedule.

3. Involve the family. Homeschooling involves integrating your child’s educational schedule with your family regular routine.

Have a chat with your family and know what their expectations with the home school set up – and what is expected of them.

4. Be flexible. Learning how to teach your kids’ can be difficult, new, and frustrating.

Facilitate your child’s study schedule closely, but be flexible to change it up based on your child’s learning tendencies and emotional state at the time.

5. Take breaks. It’s a simple advice – and you can’t understand estimate the power of breaks.

Add it to your schedule and make it fun or be spontaneous and flexible and take it when you can.

6. Use Free Resources. The school will provide the lessons, but you can also make use of other resources like worksheets available online to support or expand it.

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