A Students Guide To Learning From Home

Our thoughts are with the students, and families who are grappling with school closures. To help you navigate remote learning in this challenging time.

Set Your Space
Find an area in your house where you can sit comfortably and focus.

Make it separate to your relaxation space. Ideally away from a TV screen or other distractions.

Take Notes
Stuck in a webinar zoning out? Note – taking keeps your mind engaged.

Plan Your Day
If you have one, follow the schedule provided by your school.

If you just have a list of things to study, break it down into tasks and plan to do the hardest ones when you have the must energy.

Lessen Distractions
Harness your imagination and picture that you’re at school and not at home.

Lock your phone away if you need to – don’t be afraid to ask your parents to intervene.

Change It Up
You probably have a schedule for your lessons, but if things are becoming difficult to focus on, take a 5-min break and come back to it – just let your teacher know.

Take Breaks
Get up once in a while, have a snack.

Speak Up & Ask For Help
When things get tough, don’t just push through it. Ask your parents, or reach out to your teacher.

Journal It
Use a journal to track your progress or any questions you might want to ask your teacher about the work.

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