It’s Cool not to be perfect.

Have you ever felt that you’re not good enough? I have, and it’s all right to feel that way. That is how our mind functions. It is quick to get scared in our psychology and to persuade yourself that you are not good enough. At some point in our life, all of us have experienced low self-esteem. We know how it feels like that. There’s always someone better here than us. There is, of course, and there will be. Yet it doesn’t mean that you don’t care or that your contribution doesn’t care. When anyone is better than us, we can not take that personally. We ought to try to better ourselves, rather than get discouraged.

We all realize that we’re strong in there somewhere, we just don’t want to accept it. Exactly, huh? Why don’t we have it? And everyone around us is trying to convince us that if you’re not the first, you ‘re not valuable enough. Everybody knows the first guy to put his foot on the moon, but very few recognize who the second is. Only one person has the spotlight, and we forget about the rest of us. We are constantly being bombarded with demands that are often unfounded. Any so-called norms. Standards of appearance, standards of education, democratic norms. There are plenty of these we can list. Most are stereotypes. They ‘re all asking to be the best. But the whole thing is different. There are billions of people, and there are billions of ways to be. So how can one just say that this is pretty? There could be billions of ways to be pretty. It’s pretty easy to get the stereotyping of culture under strain if you’re a teenager or a youth. We’ve already had a lot to do with our minds, and these expectations just make it worse.

Just like I said before, there are billions of ways to be, and all of us have our own unique way to be. We don’t have to be accepted by anybody but ourselves. We ‘re one, and we’re whole. We can live our lives peacefully and happily even if we’re not good enough to meet someone’s standards. It’s all right if you’re just passing, and you’re not a ranker. It’s all right to be an average.  Life isn’t a contest. You don’t just have to sprint fast. You’re only allowed to take breaks and run when you want to. You are allowed to choose what direction to take or walk, or where to stop. It’s all up to you. It’s your career, so take care of it. Take care of it. Don’t let the opinion of others influence your thoughts. Because at the end of the day you are responsible for your own life.

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