It is not your fault if you have taught your child good beha­viour and they do not turn out the way you expected. Children of the same parents are different people. They deal with pressure differently. You may treat them the same, but it depends on their character how they implement what you have taughtContinue reading “TEACH A CHILD THE RIGHT PATH”

Talking About School With Kids and Teens.

Key points Talking about school with your child is important. It shows you’re interested in your child’s life and value education. You can start a conversation about school with your child by picking a good time to talk and asking simple, positive and specific questions. As your child gets closer to finishing school, talking aboutContinue reading “Talking About School With Kids and Teens.”

How To Discipline A Child: 13 Efficient And Practical Ways

Discipline is doing what needs to be done, even if you don’t want to do it. Whoever said it, was absolutely right! Discipline is perhaps the most important, yet misunderstood, word in a parent’s dictionary. While all parents would agree that their children need discipline, they may have conflicts about the methods used to disciplineContinue reading “How To Discipline A Child: 13 Efficient And Practical Ways”

Homeschool Advice

Some tips for teaching your kids at home: 1. Keep in touch with teachers. Ask the teacher if you have to strictly follow the curriculum given, or if you have the freedom to adjust the schedule. Teachers can also give you tips on how to effectively facilitate your kids’ learning. They can also get youContinue reading “Homeschool Advice”

How to Be an Obedient, And Well Behaved Child

Do you hate that look of disappointment in your parents eyes? Or do your parents favour a more obedient, mature sibling and you want to be like them? Time to drop the rebellious attitude and respect your elders! PART 1: Respect. 1. Understand that your parents are adults and you are a child. This meansContinue reading “How to Be an Obedient, And Well Behaved Child”

I Have Always Wanted To Be a Teacher When I Grow Up

Cynthia Dankwa recently had an online interview with Azugbene Solomon, the founder of Center for Young Africans (CFYA), Read their conversation below. 1. What is your real name? Cynthia Maame Yaa Bamfoa Dankwa, and I’m 11 years old. 2. Where did you grow up? I grew up in Accra, Ghana  3. What did you want to beContinue reading “I Have Always Wanted To Be a Teacher When I Grow Up”

Effects of Dating at a Young Age

In this relationship essay sample, the author has analyzed the effects of dating on young children and teenagers. When teenagers start to date, it is a positive experience for them, as this new kind of relationship gives a feeling of safety and experience of a new level of relationships. On the other hand, romantic relationshipsContinue reading “Effects of Dating at a Young Age”

Black Boy Scores Higher On IQ Test Than Bill Gates & Albert Einstein.

At age 11, Ramarni Wilfred was one of the smartest kids in his class. Black Doctor reports that this young man years ago took an IQ test that consisted of analytical thinking, mathematics as well as spatial recognition and scored higher than Bill Gates and Albert Einstein. When he was young his favorite book wasContinue reading “Black Boy Scores Higher On IQ Test Than Bill Gates & Albert Einstein.”