Four Reasons Why You Should Invest In Self-Development

By Azugbene Solomon “Sometimes the easiest things to do are also the hardest things not to do,” said Jim Rohan, an entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. There are so many meaningful books that you can read, podcasts to listen to, and workshops to attend to learn from. Well-known Billionaire investor Warren Buffett says that theContinue reading “Four Reasons Why You Should Invest In Self-Development”

How to Be an Obedient, And Well Behaved Child

Do you hate that look of disappointment in your parents eyes? Or do your parents favour a more obedient, mature sibling and you want to be like them? Time to drop the rebellious attitude and respect your elders! PART 1: Respect. 1. Understand that your parents are adults and you are a child. This meansContinue reading “How to Be an Obedient, And Well Behaved Child”